Hilton Garden Inn and Olive Garden to open their first green garden in the U.S.

GREEN GARDEN IS OPEN The Hilton Garden Hotel in Houston opened its first green space on Wednesday, offering visitors a chance to have a vegetable garden in a beautiful setting.

The Hilton Garden hotel in Houston is set to open its first greenery-filled garden in Texas, but it will be a little different from what you might expect.

The hotel has been a popular spot for the green space.

According to Houston’s website, there are more than 1,600 green spaces in the Houston area and more than 400,000 visitors per year.

A similar location is located at the Hilton Garden, a popular restaurant and hotel.

The green space is located in the Hilton Gardens lobby and features more than 100 plants, according to Hilton Garden.

It is a small space and will have a capacity of approximately 15 people.

The hotel has not released the exact number of guests it plans to have, but the hotel expects to have around 1,000 people at the time of the event.

This is a first for Houston, but Hilton Garden is the first hotel to open a greenery area.

It also comes a day after a group of hotel guests took the Hilton Green Garden Garden and Garden Inn to task over the opening of a greener space at the Holiday Inn in Dallas.

The Green Garden Inn opened a greeter in its lobby in Dallas, where guests can now use their free mobile app to order a vegetable salad and a fruit and veggie pie.

It was not immediately clear if the hotel was offering an outdoor garden space.

In the Hilton’s lobby, guests can also enjoy the view from the patio.

Hilton Garden also offers a garden area with green beds and plants.

A green garden will be available for a limited time.

“It is a green space, but we’re going to be adding more green space over the next few weeks to really make it more of a family-friendly place,” said Hilton Garden President and CEO Tom Regan.

“It will definitely be a family friendly place.

We are really excited to be here and to give people that experience.”

Green gardens at Hilton Garden in Houston, Texas, on July 1, 2017.

The Hilton is opening the greenery to all guests and will host a live stream for guests to enjoy the experience.

The green space will have no charge for guests and guests can bring a lawn chair, picnic table or garden chair.

Hilton said it is also adding green beds, so guests can sleep in them for the evening and then have the option of having a picnic or enjoying the greener living room.

Hilton Garden said the new green space comes as part of a larger effort to improve green spaces around the world.

In 2016, the Hilton hosted the World’s Best Gardeners Summit, where the green spaces of around the globe were discussed.

“Our goal is to be a global leader in green spaces, and the green room is a major step towards that,” Regan said.

“I think we are going to see more and more green spaces coming to the world, and I think it’s great to be part of that conversation.”

GREEN GARDEN IS OPEN The Hilton Garden Hotel in Houston opened its first green space on Wednesday, offering visitors a…