How does a tropical garden answer the question “How do I feed my family?”

A Florida man wants to make a huge impact on the nation’s food supply by planting his own garden.

But first, he’s going to need a lot of help.

It’s a big undertaking, and it requires a lot more than a bunch of plants to create the kind of lush garden that can be harvested for human consumption.

The owner, the husband-and-wife team of Josh and Jill Pate, says they plan to build their own garden on a 10-acre plot in their Miami Beach neighborhood.

The couple will grow fruits, vegetables and herbs on a large greenhouse that will eventually house their new greenhouse, a two-story greenhouse, and a large terrace.

Josh Pate will grow a greenhouse in his own home, but Jill Pates will be able to share the space with the entire family, according to the couple’s website.

Josh and Jill are a couple of “very busy parents” who are also parents of two young children, they say.

They’ve grown their own food since their family started growing produce and other produce, but Josh Pates said it took some time to find the right balance between being able to produce everything on-site and not feeling overwhelmed by growing so many crops.

Josh Pate said the biggest challenge was keeping up with the growing demand for organic produce, which he said he was never able to keep up with in his previous gardens.

“I’m trying to grow everything that I can in the smallest amount of space that I have,” Josh PATE said.

The family said they would not be able the same amount of produce if the current crop season did not start in the fall.

“We don’t want to overproduce,” Josh said.

“We want to grow it at a consistent rate.”

Josh and his wife Jill are also hoping that they can create a sustainable way to feed the community by building a small farm out of reclaimed wood.

“The forest that I’m starting with is reclaimed wood that was used as a kitchen table,” Jill said.

Josh said the couple also plan to expand the greenhouse to include some fresh produce, including berries, tomatoes and citrus.

They are also looking to develop an indoor farm where the fruits of their garden can be sold to local restaurants and retailers.

Josh is also working on a farm-to-table concept.

The plan is to produce small batches of produce on a small scale and distribute it through a network of local farmers, according the couple.

“It’s something that we think is going to be very sustainable and we think that it can really be an opportunity for a lot people to start to get a taste of what’s out there,” Jill PATE added.

A Florida man wants to make a huge impact on the nation’s food supply by planting his own garden.But first,…