Trump: ‘We’re gonna have a lot of olive gardeners’

Trump said on Thursday that he’s been “getting a lot” of calls about the state of olive farming in the US and that he expects olive farmers to be a “big part” of his administration’s efforts to revitalize the industry.

The Republican president said that he plans to introduce legislation to revive the nation’s largest olive industry in an effort to reduce the amount of land it takes to produce a pound of olives.

While the industry has seen steady growth for decades, Trump said that this year he will have the opportunity to “make a lot more money” and to hire more workers.

The president said he will bring back a moratorium on new oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic coast states and will make it harder for oil companies to drill in public lands in the Midwest and Northeast.

He also said he would end the ban on coal mining in the country’s largest coal-producing states.

“We’re going to have a tremendous olive garden industry,” Trump said during a meeting with farmers in New Hampshire.

“I’m going to put a lot on the table for them.”

He said the industry is “getting hit by a lot,” and said he wants to “create jobs.”

The president also said that while he was not personally involved in the olive production, he would have to be because he is the chief executive officer of the US agricultural and energy department.

“I’ve been very involved in agriculture, and so have the Department of Agriculture and other agencies, but we’re going after a lot less than we used to,” he said.

Trump has been critical of his own administration’s olive policy, which he said has been ineffective.

Last week, he criticized the Environmental Protection Agency for allowing oil and natural gas companies to continue drilling in federally protected land.

The Trump administration has already issued permits for new oil drilling on federal lands, and last month the Trump administration approved new leases for the first time since the end of the recession.

Trump said on Thursday that he’s been “getting a lot” of calls about the state of olive farming in the…