Which country is best to live in?

A little known fact about Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal is that all three countries have been named the most expensive to live and work in by Forbes magazine.

The article states that these three countries “have the highest costs for living and working, and are all the world’s least affordable countries.”

So who is right?

The article looks at how people’s opinions of the three countries change based on their living costs and whether or not they live in these three most expensive cities.

The three countries with the highest cost of living are Greece, which has the highest per capita income in the world at $8,500, followed by Italy, which is the fourth highest in the European Union at $16,600 and Portugal, which comes in at the 13th highest at $20,400.

Portugal is also the most affordable country for working and living in the country, according to the article, while Greece is the least affordable.

The most expensive country to live is Portugal, at $42,400 per year.

Italy is next at $35,000, followed closely by Greece at $25,400 and Spain at $24,000.

The most affordable countries to live are Greece and Italy, followed only by Spain and Spain, according the article.

What are some of the most common expenses for living in each country?

For each country, the article lists the most popular costs, like rent, utilities, transportation, transportation and other everyday expenses.

Spain, which had the highest amount of living expenses, is also home to some of Europe’s best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and even a private beach.

In fact, many of these establishments have a high percentage of tourists, which could potentially drive up living costs.

Other countries with low per capita incomes include France, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

For those living in Greece, the most commonly quoted expense is housing, followed after food, which also is the most frequently cited expense.

In Italy, the list includes food, clothing, health insurance, utilities and gas, and then a third list which is for the rest of the cost of everything else.

The list for utilities includes electricity, water, gas, sewerage, trash and water pipes.

It is worth noting that the article does not include rent, since it is only a percentage of living costs, and the list does not mention rent in Greece.

Who would pay more for living or working in the countries listed?

A person living in Portugal would have to pay about $3,500 per year to live there, while the average Italian would pay about about $12,000 per year, according Forbes.

However, if a person living or in Portugal were to work, they would be looking at an additional $5,500 a year, which would add up to about $19,400 for a person who is already earning more than $60,000 a year.

A person living on the island of Sardinia would be paying $7,500 to live on the islands, while a person in Italy would be getting about $13,000 to live off the island, according CNBC.

Living in Spain or Portugal would also increase the cost, according Reuters, but if you want to live more than 20 miles from your job, you might have to go as far as France or Italy.

A little known fact about Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal is that all three countries have been named the most…