When the Italians will know for sure what you’ve planted in your garden

The European Union has approved the planting of a $4.5bn garden garden state park in Italy to provide a “living demonstration” of how Europe’s top economies are transforming the way they farm.

In a sign of growing confidence in the European Union’s farming system, the EU is planning to invest in a £3bn (£2.8bn) garden state Park to provide live demonstration of how farming in the EU has improved, said EU Agriculture Commissioner Luca Gali.

The €3bn park will provide access to a range of state parks, water and green spaces, a biosphere, a biodiversity centre and a visitor centre.

A biosphere will be set up in the Italian Alps to help monitor how the EU’s food, agricultural and environmental policies are working.

“The aim of the biosphere is to provide scientists with a high level of access to the natural environment, and to make them aware of the current status of the system,” said Ms Gali, who was speaking after the EU approved the Garden State Park in Milan, on the northern outskirts of Rome.

She said that the biospheres will also be a model for the EU.

“We are going to start the biomass plant research project, to see how the biomes in the Alps have developed, and how this could be used for the future,” she said.

The EU also plans to create a new biosphere for farmers in the region of Alba in Italy.

The garden state parks will be the first in the world to be managed by the European Food Safety Authority, Ms Galis told the Italian news agency ANSA.

It is not clear how long the garden state will last, but it is hoped the bioturbine system can be put into place in a matter of months.

“I think the biotsurf has been successful in other areas, like in Portugal, where we’ve had to adapt to a changing climate,” said Giancarlo Tavecchio, the head of the European Commission’s environmental department, who is overseeing the Garden state Park project.

The Italian government is keen to show that the EU farm has been effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing food production, said Andrea Tancredi, the country’s agriculture minister.

“This is a great step forward for the country and we are proud to be part of this project,” he said.

Mr Tancreddi said that Italy would “do everything we can” to ensure that the garden parks would be successful.

He also said the Italian Government had already started work on a biogas plant in the park, which would feed a large food bank.

“As a European, we are looking forward to a long, healthy, and sustainable life in the garden,” he told ANSA, referring to the EU, which owns the land.

The European Union has approved the planting of a $4.5bn garden garden state park in Italy to provide a “living…