‘You don’t want to come into the country’: China says it is trying to prevent migrant farmers from returning to the countryside

China says that it is working to stop migrant farmers who have settled in the country from returning home.

The Chinese government says it will impose restrictions on the return of foreign agricultural workers from Guangdong province to the mainland, as well as on foreign labourers from neighbouring regions.

“If you come to the country, you must not come with any intention to sell your labour, you can only work for one year in Guangdou,” said the Chinese foreign ministry in a statement on Thursday, adding that it was “extremely concerned” about migrant labour and the return.

“We hope that you will not come to work illegally in the countryside, and we have made a big effort to stop it,” the statement said.

It added that China was not concerned about foreign labourer “selling their labour to the Chinese economy”.

“We also encourage you to work in Guangzhou and Jiangxi regions,” the ministry said, referring to neighbouring regions in China.

The Chinese foreign minister has previously called on migrant workers from other countries to return home to China, saying that it would be “very difficult” for them to find jobs.

“The return of migrant labour is a very serious issue and it is not easy to solve,” Zhu Jie told a news conference in December.

A Chinese migrant labourer is pictured in the outskirts of the port city of Zhengzhou in this January 23, 2020 file photo.

China says the return is a “serious issue” and that it has made efforts to “stop” itThe move comes amid heightened tensions over the return and the growing number of migrant workers who are arriving in the capital Beijing and surrounding areas.

Earlier this month, the government announced a clampdown on the repatriation of migrant labourers and said it would take action to “prevent” the return to the agricultural sector.

It said in the statement that the government “will restrict foreign agricultural labourers who have come to China” from returning.

“Foreign agricultural workers who have been living in Guangxi, Henan and Zhejiang provinces have to work only one year at the end of their contract, and must not enter Guangzhou, Guangzhou city or other neighbouring provinces, and cannot work in the city, Guangdows or other surrounding areas,” the government said.

“It is very important that you come home safely, and do not come and work illegally,” it added.

Last month, China’s foreign ministry said it was looking to ban foreign agricultural labour, saying it was working to “unify” foreign workers in the agricultural industry.

The statement from China’s ministry of foreign affairs said that the Chinese government would “immediately” tighten restrictions on return of migrants to the farm sector, as the situation was “very serious”.

“It would be very difficult for you to return to your home country, and it will be very hard to bring back your family members,” it said.

The move to restrict foreign workers came after a number of high-profile incidents over the past few months, including the deportation of two men from a migrant farm in the southern province of Henan.

In January, a migrant worker was forcibly removed from a farm in Guangzhou and detained by local police after he refused to work for four days.

In September, another migrant worker from a neighbouring Guangzhou region was deported after refusing to work.

“You do not want to go back to Guangzhou.

If you come back to the Guangdans or Guangdongs, we will immediately enforce this restriction,” the foreign ministry’s statement said on Thursday.”

This is a serious issue, and you should not come into Guangdous or Guangguo, and go to other parts of China,” it continued.

The migrant worker’s father told local media that his son was sent to a migrant farming camp in Guangszhou, and that he had not returned home since.

“He was sent away because he was not willing to work, he was afraid of the conditions, he had no money, no food,” his father told the local newspaper, the Global Times.

“I told him I will take care of him, and I will come to take care to look after him.”

China says that it is working to stop migrant farmers who have settled in the country from returning home.The Chinese…