‘This is a big deal’: US officials say Trump could order construction of a border wall

A major construction project is set to start this week at a key southern border site that is one of the most coveted for the Trump administration to build a wall that Trump has promised to build on the southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says the $8.8 billion border wall will be finished by late 2019 and that the wall will stretch from Texas to the Pacific Ocean.

It says the wall’s construction will be funded by tolls and fees, and it will be financed by the sale of land and other public works.

However, the wall won’t be built entirely in the United States.

It will include a border fence that will be built in Mexico and will be protected by fencing in the U.S. and Mexico, as well as the installation of a high-tech surveillance system that will help police in both countries.

DHS spokesman Alex Nowrasteh said the U-turn on the wall came in the form of a $1.8 million payment to the Mexican government for a project it started in 2019.

Nowrastieh told Reuters that the U.-turn is part of a broader effort by the Trump Administration to put off the construction of the wall in Mexico.

Now he said it was not intended to be the end of construction.

He said the wall was not being built in a vacuum.

“The idea was to do this before we start the construction and to build it in the safest way possible so that we don’t have any problems in Mexico,” Nowraceh said.

“We’ve had some construction that’s been very dangerous.

We’ve had fencing that’s fallen over.

We just thought that the best way to protect this project and do the best we can with it is to make it as safe as possible.”

Nowraceseh said that the Mexican side of the border fence will be designed to withstand earthquakes and other major earthquakes.

“In Mexico, earthquakes are common.

In the U, earthquakes don’t happen as often as they do in the USA,” Nowraesaid.

But Mexico’s National Institute of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (INEC) said in a statement that there are some geological features on the border that could cause major earthquakes, including a tunnel beneath the wall that could collapse during a quake.

It also noted that the tunnel, a 1,000-foot-wide trench that has been dug by the U of S and Mexico’s army for the border, is “under construction” and that Mexico’s border security agency has not yet completed it.

The tunnel, INEC said, could collapse under the weight of heavy equipment carrying equipment such as metal detectors, and that a quake could cause the tunnel to collapse.

The statement also said that “there are some serious issues” with the existing U.s.-Mexico border fence, including the fact that the original design of the fence “did not have enough support” for the heavy equipment and that it was designed for a smaller size and a “small footprint.”

The border fence is being built to protect the U (Mexican) border from illegal immigration and terrorism, but has become an issue of contention in the 2016 election because of the cost and the lack of a credible border wall.

Now, Nowrancesaid, as the administration seeks to avoid the cost of construction and protect the border from future attacks, the project will begin with fencing and installing sensors.

The sensors will also include cameras that will give U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the military a better view of what’s happening on the U side of Mexico’s borders.

The cameras will be “a very significant part of the process to monitor the flow of people, drugs, weapons, illegal drugs, and other illegal activity coming into the United State,” said Nowradesaid.

A major construction project is set to start this week at a key southern border site that is one of…