What’s in a name? From the inside out

A few weeks ago, a young Chinese chef named Zeng Li, a talented young chef, sat down to lunch with his friends in the garden of the ancient city of Zhengzhou, where he’d lived for more than five years.

Zeng was the youngest person in the group, only 21 years old.

He was working at the same place as his father, a chef, and his mother, who had been a teacher.

Zampar, who is not a chef himself, was one of the chefs in the same class.

He liked his father’s cooking.

But his mother said he couldn’t cook well, and he had no interest in the cuisine of Zhengshan, a bustling city in northeastern China.

So Zamp was taken aback when Zeng approached him with a request: What if I could cook the dishes I grew up with?

Zamp had just finished a trip to Japan for a week and wanted to learn from Japanese chefs.

Zang, an experienced cook who was also the chef at his parents’ restaurant, agreed.

After a few weeks, Zeng began to work at Zamp’s place, where his father and mother prepared Chinese-style steamed dishes.

In a few months, Zang said, he would be the chef of his own restaurant.

“I wanted to cook in the world, in my home, and I wanted to do it well,” Zamp said.

The new restaurant opened in January, and Zamp is a regular in the restaurant.

Zamps parents said they weren’t looking for a new job, but he is now looking forward to his second restaurant.

When he looks back, he said, “I was so happy.”

Zamp started his first restaurant, in Shanghai, in 2011, and now he has more than 200 restaurants in more than 40 countries.

Zampa, the new chef, has worked at his father-in-law’s restaurant, a local restaurant in Beijing.

He said he was a bit nervous when he first met his father because of the way he looked, but when Zamp introduced him to his father he was excited to meet him.

“It was an honor,” Zampa said.

“He is a very handsome man.”

Zampa and Zeng have become friends, and they often travel together.

Zamping was able to find a job in China after his father passed away.

Zump and Zampa plan to stay together and raise their family in the U.S. after he graduates.

Zimbai, who has been a chef for more, more than a decade, said the new American restaurants have helped him find the right kind of life for himself.

He has found his passion, which is to travel and enjoy life.

He plans to stay in the United States for a year to teach at the Culinary Institute of America.

“The American dream is really to have something that you can be proud of,” Zimbais said.

Zimbai is still looking for his next job.

“You have to work hard and to put in the time,” he said.

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A few weeks ago, a young Chinese chef named Zeng Li, a talented young chef, sat down to lunch with…